Hong Kong Day 1-3 (Dec 25-Dec 27 2005)

27 12 2005

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Wow – what an odyssey it was getting this far.

Back on the 25th, we left home at 2130, and arrived at YVR at 22:10 (3 hours prior to our flight).  According to the ticket agent, they were looking for someone willing to be bumped to the next day’s flight, and they would put you in business, pay for your taxi back, put your bags in storage.. a great deal, which we promptly….  TURNED DOWN!!  I don’t know why, but Mrs. Dragonspeed wanted to get on that plane, and she wasn’t going to let a small thing like comfort get in the way. 🙂

After we got our bags checked in, we settled down for Christmas dinner.  I had the bacon double cheeseburger, and Mrs. D had the 6 “chicken fries”.  Ah…the spirit of Christmas.  You do what you have to do when you can’t leave any food in your fridge.  Security check in was quick, and we zipped over to Duty Free to pick up alcohol orders for people in HK.  These relatives of ours have some pretty expensive tastes in scotch!

Finally at 0100, they begin to board our flight.  As usual, as soon as they call the first people to board, EVERYONE wants to board, and they have to beat people back. LOL!  Personally, I like to wait as long as possible before boarding, since I’m going to be sitting for at least 13 hours.  Why make it longer?  We had scored two seats on the Emergency exit Row, and as such we had a lot of leg room, but the seat width certainly wasn’t as wide as Business class.  Since I was pretty exhausted getting on the plane, the Mrs and I slept for a significant portion of that 13 hour trip.  Thank God, because it’s mostly just dark and boring.

At Hong Kong International Airport (very nice, modern and empty at 0700) we were met by Maggie and Francis with a CAR!  I had been afraid that we were going to have to take the train with the 100lbs of luggage that we had.  What a relief!  They drove us to our apartment in Aberdeen, and after figuring out how to unlock the door (yeah – it shouldn’t REALLY be that hard) we hiked up the 4 flights of stairs to the apartment, with the 100lbs of luggage!

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[View from Hong Kong International Airport on a “clear day @ 0700- check out the tall thin appartments in the distance]

After some basic settling, we went for a small walk around the neighborhood and saw the local meat market (always make sure your meat in well cooked in HK…ick!) and the live chickens, doves etc.  I’m surprised that there were as many as there were, due to the whole avian flu scare.  I’ll have some pics of the chickens up soon.

Later we went out to Stanley to have Dim Sum with some relatives. It was good to see Andrew, Colour and Larry again.  The scary thing about Dim Sum in Hong Kong is that it is almost like Dim Sum in Vancouver – Excellent food, and almost no Caucasians.

Having filled up on Dim Sum, we headed down to Mong Kok.  A shopping stall mecca!  You can pretty much buy ANYTHING legal, from about 30 different stores, all trying to convince you that they have the best deal.  Even ticketed prices were negotiable, and those that didn’t want to wheel and deal got passed up for those that would.  It’s a cutthroat market.  I’m looking for a cell phone, so we stopped and shopped quite a bit.  I might get the Sony Ericsson v800 but, of course, that is subject to change later.  I also picked up the aluminium case for my PDA that I wanted, as well as SOCOM US Navy Seals for the PSP.  Now I’ve got a game for my new PSP!  One of the camera stores had the remote for my digital rebel so we picked that up for cheap.  Great prices.  Crazy place. 


All Rights Reserved Click icons below for more information[Mong Kock – Crazy busy with people and Advertising]

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[Mong Kok at night]

We got home around 2030, and Mrs D has crashed.  I’m just finishing up the blog entry now, and will be packing it in shortly too.

Keep an eye out at http://www.fotothing.com/dragonspeed for photo updates throughout the trip.

Tomorrow’s another day!



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