Going to Hong Kong, Beijing and Xian

19 12 2005

I’m really excited about my upcoming trip to HK, Beijing and Xian.  I did a little googling to figure out the weather in Beijing and Zian, since neither my wife nor I had been to either of these two cities.  What I found on an OFFICIAL Chinese Government Webpage (note the .gov.cn) was quite astounding:

Come to Beijing, the weather’s … em … interesting.  There are four distinct seasons in Beijing.  Dust storm, Sweltering, Getting cold, and Stupidly Cold.

The temperature in winter usually ranges from -18 to 5 degrees centigrade, so be sure to pack your ski jacket or you’ll have to resort to picking up a fake North Face jacket at the Xiu Shui market.

It credits Beijing Traveltips with the source, but I’m guessing they simply lifted the text without anyone proofing the article.  “No copyright infringement here” – except at the Xiu Shui Market apparently 😉


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