Manning Park – Snow camping with the Scouts

12 12 2005

We went for our annual December camp in Manning Park, BC this past weekend.  The weather was wonderful, with highs near 0C, and lows near -8C the snow stayed dry, and the weather cool.  The scouts learned about winter survival, how to light a fire in the snow, and basic tracking skills, along with ice rescues.  We had a big campfire, and played capture the flag at night.  We ate well, played hard, and slept like logs.  Our venturers even built a snow cave in which to sleep!

A couple of quick pics from the trip:

Winter BC Canada Manning Park
icicle pine winter BC Canada Manning Park
Canada Jay Whiskey Jack BC Winter 

More later in the classic slideshow format.  It was great! 

If you are with a Scout group looking to do some winter Camping in BC, near Vancouver, just drop me a line.  We’d be happy to host another group from out of province, or out of country!  Heck – If you’re not fond of winter camping, we can probably arrange something during warmer months too 😉



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