People are afraid that Anchorage is getting the SHAFT

1 12 2005

A local Anchorage resident is attempting to move a small cyclotron into his home business to help with PET scans, and learning for young people (Swank’s High-energy Accelerator For Tomography – SHAFT).  He’s encountering some resistance.

Local lawmakers rushed to introduce emergency legislation banning the use of cyclotrons in home businesses. State health officials took similar steps, and have suspended Swank’s permit to operate cyclotrons on his property.

Nothing like having a law on the books just for you.  Is it just me, or does that sound like a bizarre bylaw.

  • No parking from 6-9

  • No loitering

  • No home cyclotrons


“…We know Anchorage is gonna get the SHAFT, but we just don’t know when.”

Stop…. yer killin’ me!

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