Fish Farming damage exposed on US network prime time televison!

12 10 2005

Pink salmon fry with sea lice attached.  This fish will die.

Did you see Boston Legal on October 11th?  They raised the issue of Pink salmon being killed by sea lice from Atlantic Salmon farms!  This is great..  American exposure to the problems caused by fish farms.  Lot’s of buzz in the Pacific fishing world about this episode.  Even some East Coast blogs are talking about  it!

Lots of information about the sea lice issue can be found.  The fish farms are fighting back, and things are heating up.  There’s no such thing as bad PR?  For the sake of the fish I hope this is NOT the case for the farms.

Even though the Boston Legal episode was a bit light hearted, it is a VERY serious issue, and one that Britain and Norway faced a long time ago, almost destroying their sea-run trout populations where fish farms existed.  This has GOT TO stop, or it’ll be Tofu with salmon flavoring in our future 😦




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