We had an outing to the Chilliwack hatchery with the Cubs

10 10 2005

On Saturday morning, we left the scout hall at 0900, and headed out to Chilliwack in two vehicles.  Once on the highway, we realized that everyone seemed to be heading east for Thanksgiving, so traffic was a bit heavy.  It took us almost 2 hours to get to the hatchery.  Once at the hatchery, we were greeted by Lorraine, a fish culturist who works at the hatchery.  She had tonnes of great info for the cubs, and she was very patient with all our questions.  The cubs had a chance to feed the fish, and we got a tour of the incubation rooms where we saw millions of eggs from Chinook, Coho, and Pink salmon developing.  Cool!  It was fun to watch the adult fish in the raceway, as they continued to try to follow their very strong “head up river” instinct.

After the hatchery tour, we headed up the valley a bit more, until we found a quiet place where we had a fire, and roasted hotdogs, drank hot chocolate, and went for a hike.  The forest was beautiful, and the weather held up mostly, except for a few small drizzles. 

With a warm lunch in our stomachs, we headed back to Vancouver.  Traffic was much light this way, and the return trip took about 1 hour.  Once back at the hall, we played “the beanbag game”, dodgeball, and learned about the cub program, while refreshing our promise and law.  It was quite tiring to play 90 minutes of games!  After the games, and learning came dinner – PIZZA!  I don’t think there’s a cub on this planet who doesn’t like pizza, and these guys were no exception.  Poof!  Gone!  Dessert required some effort…  A hike to McDonalds for sundaes.   Then back to the hall to prepare for the evening movies.

That evening, we watched The Jungle Book 2, and Robots.  I hadn’t seen Robots – it was really quite funny.  The movies lasted until about 2300, at which point it was lights out, and time to sleep.  We all slept well that night, since the outdoor activities had given us quite a work out.  0730 came quickly.  We woke to the smell of sausages and pancakes cooking down in the kitchen.  Yum!  We seem to have hit on a favourite again, as the cubs devoured all the food we  had to offer.

At 0900 we sent them off home, so that we could finish cleaning up, and then go home and crash. 

What a fun weekend!

Pictures are here




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