7" tall Lineman in Madden 2006

27 09 2005

Will Michael King of the New York Jets EVER live this down.  The ribbing from his teammates must be horrible.   Due to a bug in Madden 2006, He appears to be 7″ tall!  Luckily he still plays like the 6’3″ 298lb lineman that he is.


27 09 2005

Einstein’s famous equation (often misquoted as E = mc2) E2 = m2c4 is 100 years old today.  Thanks Einstein for not allowing the education system to strangle your creativity…. Brilliant minds are hard to come by.

Lord of War

27 09 2005

I went out to a movie with Mrs. DragonSpeed on Sunday night.  It was a change from the big screen action flicks that we have seen in the past.  We went to see Nicholas Cage in Lord of War

A wonderfully dark movie about a man who realizes that selling guns is a much better business than selling food (restaurant), and the fact that he seems oblivious to all the moral implications that you and I would feel.

As usual, Cage scores a winner. 

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