Last words coming from doomed plane are Eerie

15 08 2005

Sotiris Vontas said he received a cellphone text message from his cousin, a passenger on the plane, minutes before the crash.

“He told me the pilots were unconscious. … He said: ‘We’re all frozen, the pilot is blue. We’re going to die. Farewell,’ ” Vontas said.

These were pretty much the last words that came from flight Helios Flight 522 as it flew, unpiloted into a hillside near Athens.  Rescue crews reported the bodies of many passengers to be “Frozen Solid”

I suppose it might be better than dying in a fireball, but…..

Has today’s technology allowed us unprecedented views into the personal moments of people preparing for death?  The cell calls on 9/11 to say goodbye, text messages from doomed planes?  Should we know about this stuff?  Should it stay private?  Why do we have to know?

My prayers are with the families of the victims of the plane crash, and in particular of the 48 children whos lives ended before they even really got started. 

May God keep you forever

postscript:  Hoax on the SMS message 😦




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