My Thoughts on Natives and "Tradition"

5 08 2005

Someone recently said to me…You can’t really expect the natives to go out and use all the old traditional methods to harvest fish, with the jetboats whizzing by them…

It got me to thinking… Yes, I can expect that…

I’ve got to take issue with this statement.
It IS a clash, and THEY have to make a choice.   We all had to make a choice as we modernized.  (the US for example had to decide that keeping slaves was wrong, despite it being a traditional European value at the time.)  The FN have obviously made the choice to try to have their cake and eat it too. 
It was fine when they attempted to harvest fish in traditional vessels, and people died, and there were limits.  This meant that not everyone and his dog went out and harvested the river bare.  It was a natural control on the harvest.  Now, they have improved safety measures, and better boats with engines, and larger capacity, and it means that even someone’s grandmother could get out there and take a whack of fish.  This means that they are no longer naturally limited, and that the resource will be depleted AGAIN (Just like we did when we gained motorized boats etc – Someone’s got to learn!)
If you want the perks of modern society, you’re going to have to give up some “tradition”  This is the definition of a culture, not a stagnant definition that never evolves.  Non-evolving cultures DIED OUT, and continue to do so.
My $0.02




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