Something’s not quite right in the blogosphere

13 07 2005

Check out the following blogs.  They all have the same structure, but apparently nonsensical postings.  Coincidence?  Blirus? (BlogVirus) Virus (blog tool based)?  One links to the next by a simple “Reference“ tag at the beginning of the blog post.

What is the cause?  Do YOU know?

It seems to be some intricate viral linking.

The Billionaires and the Millionaires kiss and make up

13 07 2005

CBC, Yahoo, etc are all reporting that the NHL and the NHLPA have agreed in principle to a new Collective Bargaining agreement.

It’ll be nice to see hockey again, but I wonder how much this bickering has hurt the sport.

And comes out the loser in the end?  The fan, the small business, the staff that ended up being laid off….

Smacktalking – An educational video

13 07 2005

Over at, they have a hilarious “Educational” video in the 50’s government style teaching you how to smack talk.  Funny stuff!  After watching it, you KNOW that all the 12 year olds you’ve been up against have seen it, and learned 😦

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