Fish For the Future

21 06 2005

Two happy fishermen at the Fish for the Future Event….the little girl in pink wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do with her fish.  She later waved bye-bye to it, and let it go in the river (which most everyone did with their fish)

Last Saturday, I figured I’d go and help out at the Fish for the Future event down at Steveston – London’s Landing to be precise.   Wow….  After getting there at 0900, it was pretty much non-stop activity until I had to go at 1500 (unfortunately not able to help clean up – Sorry Rod), and head off to a wedding.

I’ve found one blog that has a 1st person view on the event – glad to see it was enjoyed.  From what I could see on the people’s faces that fished for their first time (or first time as an adult), I knew they had a good time, but it really is special to read about how it affected people.

There are many more pictures here.

And a discussion of the event here, from a volunteering standpoint.

It was great.  We had about 300 people come through, and hopefully next year, with more booths, we will be able to have more people.  I fear that the little dock can’t handle any more fishermen though, so we might have to limit time spent with rods, to ensure equal opportunity to all.

Thanks Rod for putting it on!




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