The Canadian Version of the DMCA has been tabled – Yeach!

20 06 2005

Professor Michael Geist has some commentary on the new bill C-60…. check it out.  In short – lots for the recording industry, nothing for Joe Home user 😦 (Although, apparently, photographers get a better shake under the new bill at least) Here’s a wonderful line:

Moreover, as noted above, the defense expressly excludes private copying from its ambit. Therefore, Canadians may be asked to pay several times for the same work as they may pay once for the CD, once for the digital download, and once through the private copying levy for the blank CD. Attempts to circumvent protections on the CD in order to make a personal copy (a copy already paid for via the levy) will now constitute infringement in Canada.

Ouch.  Thank you CRIA 😦




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