Intel slips into bed with **AA to make your life even MORE difficult

31 05 2005

As seen in a LifeHacker Post:

Digit Magazine reports that Intel has quietly slipped in DRM into their new chips that will keep you from being able to do something simple like play an MP3. MS and the **AA’s will LOVE THIS! This is at the HARDWARE level.  Not the OS!   

Officially launched worldwide on the May 26, the new offerings come DRM-enabled and will, at least in theory, allow copyright holders to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted materials from the motherboard rather than through the operating system as is currently the case.

I see George is also outraged at this!  Where is the rest of the Tech Community’s outrage at this?

I suppose someone will want to redefine what the PC in PC means to something OTHER than PERSONAL soon?  Perhaps “Pawn” of the big media?



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