Teen exposes questionable US Army recruiting techniques

25 05 2005

A teen, inspired by stories of the army being so desperate that they’ll take anyone put that to the test, and found that they were happy to help him fake a high school diploma and get a temporary detox kit, so that he could pass a drug test.

I suppose it’s hard to say “Join the army, see the world“ when you’re busy fighting a war. 

“As a soldier in the active Army,” reads one brochure, “you could be assigned to a duty station such as Hawaii, Alaska, the Far East, Europe and more. You’ll experience these places as no tourist can. You’ll meet interesting people, learn the language and experience unique and interesting cultures.”

There’s no mention in any of those brochures about Baghdad or Kabul, Afghanistan, or Kuwait – or even Seoul. Nothing about a war against terrorism, or suicide bombers or grenade launchers fired by invisible guerrillas.


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