Squamish Teen dies in tragic rafting accident

17 05 2005

This breaks my heart.  Alison Roberge was 17 years old and only one month from graduating high school.  She died on the Elaho river on Sunday, while helping make sure that 2 girls with her were saved. 

Rafting is a dangerous sport.  Many of the dangers are mitigated by safety equipment and careful planning, but like anything involving nature, it can always turn ugly.  One scary fact is that the provincial government of BC repealed the Commercial River Rafting Safety Act just a year ago.  Rafting companies in BC don’t even HAVE to follow the safety “rules“  The company that Alison rod with did, and it STILL happened.  Should a group of 13yr old Pathfinders (Girl Guides section)  be out rafting?  Should anyone under 18?  Perhaps 16?  If we don’t feel they can make rational decisions about driving a car, should we let them make the decision to hurtle down a dangerous river?  Scouts Canada has some pretty rigid guidelines about rafting.  Would it have protected Scouts from this happening?  No.  The scary thing is that these things happen, and no matter what we try to do, they will keep happening.  Parents need to consider this when giving the OK for their children to participate in ANY activity.  Too often parents simply sign the form, and say “Have a good time!” to their kids.  Sorry for the ramble.  Stream of consciousness.  Unhappy.

More details of the accident from the Whistler Question.

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