Canon has their nose out of joint WRT early exposure of their Rebel XT

18 02 2005

Digital Photography Blog (DPB) published a link to a page showing the upcoming Rebel XT.  This , in and of itself, is no big deal.  The fact was that the page wasn’t supposed to go LIVE yet.  Canon had placed an embargo on information regarding the camera until the “official” announcement day.  That only counts if you’ve signed the NDA with Canon.  DPB hadn’t.  So, now Canon’s all unhappy, and thinks that DPB is in the wrong.

Note to Canon:  It’s called “breaking a story”.  If the information can be obtained without having someone break your NDA, then it can be published.  Heck – as apple learned recently, it can be published even if you HAVE an NDA 😦

So, should Canon be unhappy?  Yes!  Should they be unhappy with DPB?  No.  Who should they be unhappy with?  Sites that use predictable names for pages, which can be guessed, and have them sitting on LIVE Internet servers, not password protected – effectively breaking the NDA they signed.  Either Canon needs to make sure they have better aggreements in place, or they need to grin and bear it. 

In the end, of course, there’s no such thing as bad publicity 😉




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