Too many sheep

9 02 2005

People are so quick to assume that someone is “evil” when they don’t agree with the generally accepted view.  When that person speaks out and let’s their opinions be known these days, even with valid background reasoning, they can be branded as treasonous in the United States.

Professor Ward Churchill at the University of Colorado wrote an essay, shortly after 9/11 stating, from my understanding, in a nutshell:

”If you’re going to have policies that cause death and destruction around the world – Don’t be surprised when it’s visited up on you”

Well.  Imagine that!??!  Someone blaming the foreign policy of the US for what happened to the US?  It happed up here in Canada as well, shortly after 9/11 and people wanted Sunera Thobani arrested on HATE CRIME charges….c’mon!  People need to be less like sheep to their governments, and media machines, and more like thinking people.  I know we can do it.  I see it in SOME people all the time.  Take a look in your national mirror some time and see yourself as the world sees you?  Do you like it?  What can you do to change it?  What will happen if you don’t?




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