Fun around the neighborhood today!

27 01 2005

Lots of lights and sirens around this morning.

Update… 1300

Official Statement:

While testing a sample in the lab, a chemist started feeling ill.  They were removed from the area and the emergency response (911) was notified.  The person was sent to the hospital for observations.  A further two individuals, also working in the area were subsequently taken to the hospital for observation.  All three persons are doing fine with no apparent signs of ill effects.

The Hazardous Materials Response Team attended, surveyed the site and determined that there was no lasting concern.  The samples have since been quarantined and will be disposed of by a registered hazardous waste company.

For further information please direct your enquires……

News story from 1200:

They make it sound like Bhopal India!  News stations….Hmmmmm.



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