Afraid someone else will steal the name of your missile? Trademark it!

20 01 2005

Do like the US Navy!  Trade Mark your Tomahawk(R) missile.

That’s right.  If you’re not going to call them “subsonic cruise missile” and instead use “Tomahawk”, make sure you give credit to the trademark holder:  The US government.

So…why would you do this?  In case someone else comes up with a cruise missile with substandard guidance, or quality, and uses the Tomahawk name, you can sue them for dilution of brand?   So that when a foreign country buys, they can be sure they are buying “Genuine  Tomahawk“ missiles, not some Chinese knock-off selling for only $500K USD?   How do you make sure you get brand recognition among your customers?  It’s not like the end users are going to say “Yeah, that Tomahawk(R) really came in and blew up my military installation well!“  That’s the missile for you!

Can you think of a valid reason to trademark your missile?  I can’t.




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