Some Dude is running a Blog off of his GMAIL account!

14 01 2005  It’s quite slick.  There appears to be a bug in his code right now, but otherwise, from what I can gather, it takes each email message as a blog entry.  This could be a great mobile blogging tool!

The creator is nicktulip  I’m not sure what happens when random mail shows up in your account though.

no RSS though 😦



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25 06 2009

funny – 4 years later and i see this entry – weird thing is that i got tired of keeping up with the updates to the code both from the original creator of the api and from google always changing their code (scraping was bad) has taken that idea and run with it recently – send an email you get a blog – send another email you get another post – pretty cool stuff

but hey – thanks for that – and could i get you to remove my email address from the post please?

25 06 2009

Funny how things come around again and again on the Internet.

Email address removed 🙂

25 06 2009

thanks – awesome photos btw.

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