Some incredible Tsunami Photos

31 12 2004

Care of DigitalGlobeSome satellite photos of Bandar Ace and Sri Lanka  before and after the Tsunami hit.  Some serious changes to the landscape.

Even more pictures – these posted on Wave of Destruction:  Try the DHTML at the bottom of the page for a wiper effect to see the BEFORE and AFTER of the Earthquake/Tsunami

Also, this picture that really helped me to grasp the magnitude of the death and destruction (warning VERY GRAPHIC image – may be disturbing)

More recently: has some excellent BEFORE/AFTER, by rescaling and aligning some of DigitalGlobe’s pics.

It’s truly a horrible thing.

Another good way to help envision is to compare it to the World Trade Center Destruction

Although, if you consider the annual death rate due to AIDS of children UNDER 15 around the world, it’s only 1/4 of that.  How much money is pouring in year after year for THAT?  Perhaps if our governments spent less time fighting, and more time cooperating, people that need help would get it. PERIOD

Final note:  Many of you have ended up here by searching for TSUMANI  It’s SPELT TSUNAMI.  I hope these pictures help put it into perspective.



4 responses

23 02 2009

where are the photos…change the name of your site form ‘some incredlible tsunami photos’ to ‘nothing’

23 02 2009

I suppose that you might be a bit new to the Internet… try clicking on the LINKS.. they are little things that take you to see the “incredible pictures”.

Enjoy your visit to the ‘Net 😉

13 11 2009


1 03 2010

really devestating

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