Merry Christmas!

25 12 2004

As Christmas eve comes ever closer in this part of the world, I know that many of you may be experiencing Christmas already.  I hope that you can over look any of the sad, or unfortunate occurences during the past year, and that you have the chance to spend Christmas with those you love.  If you can’t be with them, then know that they love you, and miss you, and wish they could be with you too.   Please remember, Christmas isn’t about getting the BEST or the NEWEST, or the greatest gadget or thing.   For myself, it’s time to remember that family and love are the important things.  It’s a time to reflect on how I’ve been as a person, and how I can renew my promise to God to be the best person that I can be. 

While around the world, Christmas temperatures and conditions are different, here in the Northern Hemisphere we have just come out of the Winter Solstice.  The days get longer, and the weather starts turning the corner toward summer.  Of course here in Vancouver, I even saw some Cherry blossoms on trees today!  So, while these blossoms will have a short life, as we will still have cold weather this winter, let the Christmas spirit stay warm in your heart, and keep you strong in your convictions in life, while all the other things in life tug you in other directions.

Merry Christmas, and Happy and Safe New Year to you and your Family from myself and Mrs DragonSpeed!




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