New report on Canadian Border Security out

15 12 2004

According to AP  our border is “Full of Holes”.

Of course it is, and conversely so is that of the US.  We have a VERY LONG ungaurded border between the two countries.  The report points out:

most of Canada’s 160 land and maritime border crossings have only one person at the posts.

Who cares.  The other 5000+ km of the border has ZERO people guarding.  Let’s be serious.  If someone REALLY wanted to smuggle across the border, how much of the Washington State coastline is actively protected?  What are the odds of catching someone hiking (or snowmobiling) across the border in a remote forest?  Sure, there’s a big cut line, but it’s REALLY rough terrain out there, and we’ve seen that people intent on nastiness don’t care how hard it is to do something.  If they CAN, they WILL.

Stupid press – a bit over-sensationalistic AGAIN 😦




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