Yikes – A programmer in Florida has just sworn an affidavit that he was asked to code Vote Rigging into Voting Machines!!!

7 12 2004

Originally on the BradBlog this is also available here.  This is not your average news story, this is explosive.  I haven’t seen anything on the major networks about this.  Clinton Curtis, a former programmer for YEI could be the catalyst for some serious stuff in DC.


In stunning revelations set to rock the vote from Tallahassee to Capitol Hill — and perhaps even a bit further up Pennsylvania Avenue — a Florida computer programmer has now made remarkable claims in a detailed sworn affidavit, signed this morning and obtained exclusively by The BRAD BLOG!

Mrs. Yang then told him, “You don’t understand, in order to get the contract we have to hide the manipulation in the source code. This program is needed to control the vote in South Florida.” [emphasis in affidavit]

Ah…the American way.

Update Dec 8, 2004 – More on this…




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