Everyone is weighing in on this US election

29 10 2004

Interesting to see Osama Stumping for Kerry in the US election..

Because he can 🙂

They still haven’t got him.  Who?  Oh yeah, the guy that actually hit the US…not that guy in Iraq with the WMD’s

From Yahoo! News:

He accused President Bush of “misleading” the American people since the 2001 suicide airline hijackings that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon .


Dave Winer agrees as well.

Further reading elsewhere indicates that this might fall in Bush’s favour.  “We have to re-elect Bush, so that he can continue to hunt down this ruthless killer”.  “His appearance helped me understand why we have our freedoms curtailed…Go get ’em dubya!”  That kind of thing might just start welling up – heaven forbid.

Gmail exploit discovered

29 10 2004

Like anything popular, GMail has been banged about and attacked by the hacker community. It looks like someone finally found a chink in the armor. 😦

The Register is reporting a vulnerability that could be exploited allowing others access to your mailbox.

Originally reported by Nana – an Israeli news site.

Google knows about it.  Let’s hope they’re fixing it.  In the mean time…don’t go to bad places on the ‘Net (of course, you’d NEVER do that – would you?)

2004-11-03 Google reports bug fixed.

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