Netcraft: George Bush’s Website blocking foreign IPs

27 10 2004

From Netcraft:

The official campaign web site for U.S. President George W. Bush appears to be rejecting visitors from most points outside the United States, while allowing access from U.S. locations.

Netcraft monitors web site response times from seven locations, including four within the United States and three in other countries. Since Monday morning, requests to from stations in London, Amsterdam and Sydney, Australia have failed, while the four U.S. monitoring stations show no performance problems. Web users in Canada report they are able to visit the site.

You know – after they prohibited us from bidding on rebuilding contracts for Iraq, and they continue to thwart any softwood lumber agreement, they’ve been awfully nice to us Canadians now that they want our Flu vaccine 🙂

What about those Americans that are living overseas – I guess they can’t find out the good things about Dubya.  So, I suppose it’s only logical that they vote for Kerry, who’s site they CAN get to see.



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