Ximeta comes out with NetDisk Wireless – Be wary.

18 10 2004

Endgaget posted about a new device from Ximeta.  It’s a 802.11g router/WAP with a 160GB disk built in called a NetDisk Wireless.  It will be good, if they use something like FTP, MS F&P, but as long as they stick with their proprietary NDAS drivers….it’s likely to suck big time.

My take on this (as I posted in the engadget comments):

I’ve got one of the ethernet/USB drives, and the only way to CONSISTENTLY, RELIABLY connect to it is via USB.  The Ethernet attached part HUNG, when transferring 1GB, requiring a reboot to my PC.  The drive just sat there, half copied file and all 😦

Unless they fix this stupid NDAS driver thing, I’d say “Stay as far away from this thing as you can”

Civil Rights Obscene?

18 10 2004

Three teachers were tossed out of a Bush rally in Jackson County Oregon for having “Obscene T-Shirts”.  They said “Protect our Civil Liberties

That’s right.  That’s all.  No Rally for you!  So much for that.  Yeah, they really look like an obscene bunch 😦

Doug of "Doug and the Slugs" dead at 52

18 10 2004

At the age of 52, Doug Bennet, died after time in a coma, in Foothills hospital, Calgary.   I’ll miss his music.  Doug and the Slugs made “Fun” music.

Some favorite tunes of mine:

She’s Looking at Me
Tom Cat Prowl

Thanks Doug – you gave me some good tunes to make it through High School and University.

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