Was Bush wearing a receiver during the first debate?

13 10 2004

This site seems to indicate “YES” – However….my thoughts, from hearing the audio:  No WAY that could be real…too funny!  You decide!

2004-10-29  Salon ran an article today. (subscription or free day pass) about this, and had the following words:

Dr. Robert M. Nelson, however, was not laughing. He knew the president was not telling the truth. And Nelson is neither conspiracy theorist nor midnight blogger. He’s a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an international authority on image analysis.

What if he was also a midnight blogger?  Would that have hurt his cred?  Mainstream media needs to stop dismissing bloggers as a group that can get information out quickly, and often accurately!  (Often MORE accurately than they can!)

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