Artist charges $6KUSD to fix her own mistakes

8 10 2004

I wish I could do this!

The artist was paid $40K to do a tile artwork with names of famous people.  Very artsy.  Upon completion, it was realised that she had made ELEVEN spelling mistakes, including an extra “A” in Michelangelo.  So, to make amends, she charges the city council $6000 to fly her back,  also more to put her up, while she fixes her mistakes! 

Then, after the local populace write about her boneheadedness, she says “I’m not going to go, where the people are mean”.  The people are mean, because she’s stupid!  She should have flown back in on her OWN dime, and fixed her problem.  It was HER mistake.

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Thanks to Dave Barry’s Blog for the heads up.

Further to this…..She IS going to fix it up!

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