Been Playing with the Gmail Agent app by Johnvey Hwang

6 10 2004

Johnvey has done a nice job with hacking the GMail API.  His app (Gmail Agent) allows you to check multiple GMail accounts using one notifier, which is perfect.

Google, of course, has changed the layout a bit, so things broke a bit with 0.6, but I’m sure there will be a 0.7 out Real Soon Now 🙂

Also, for the hackers out there, if you have a proxy set in your IE settings,  but don’t have the box checked, .NET apps don’t clue in to the fact that you don’t want to use it.  You have have to tell them via GlobalProxySelection.GetEmptyWebProxy(); or they try to use that set, but unchecked proxy 😦

The tool is cool, and I’m happy…I can check two or more GMail addresses at once!

Thanks for making the source available..Without it I would never have gotten it to work.

See the Google Group where this is being discussed.

Cool St. Helens Pics

6 10 2004

Lot’s of cool pics of the recent Mt. Saint Helens steam and rock spewing with links to Large, and HUGE versions of the pics.  thanks USGS 🙂 (and FurryGoat for blogging about it before me)

The Casacades Volcano observatory page is located here, including references to BC’s own Mt. Garilbaldi

Their entire library of St. Helens pics here

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