No more free hotspot, and La Fundidora

22 09 2004


Tonight I went to hit the hotspot, and “Poof! Please login to your Hotel Novotel Valle Hotspot”  Ouch! “Either Login, or create an account”.  Cool,  I’ll go through the motions to find out what the cost is, and then I realize:  No “Create an Account” 😦  Bummer. So,it looks like they’ll have functional wireless about the same time I’m heading back to Vancouver. That sucks.  I’ll have to harass the front desk tomorrow morning.

Well, back to today.  After work, we went to La Parque de la Fudidora (link is Spanish, but there’s a map there).  A reclaimed piece of land that used to hold a foundry.  In the 80’s they went belly up, and the city reclaimed the huge acreage for this park. It has a 3.4k track around it, which is used by joggers and cyclists usually, and apparently is home to an Indy raceHere’s the race with the cerro de la Silla in the background. Well, we walked around to see the old rusting steel foundry building, which is quite an odd sight.  Then, we went to check out many of the old brick buildings, which were key parts of the foundry in its day.  One of them housed a photo exhibit, which was quite interesting, albeit a bit weird.  They also had a second exhibit which consisted of the photo journal of a family in Mexico that started building their mansion back in 1894, a and appeared to complete it around 1904, all the while having their photographer take pictures of things as they went along.  After checking out the exhibits, Doreen wanted to go and check out the Monterrey Arena – a VERY LARGE arena.  It would seem that it was closed..  Nothing happening, so we went around the side, to get into the “Business Center”. On the way to the business Center, we seem to have hit a dead end.  Locked gates about 12 feet tall between us and the road.  No problem says Doreen – “Look over here – a piece of chain link fence that has been bent down!”, So we broke out of our little jail, and made it to the street!

Apparently very few things in Monterrey are small.  The Business Centre, Cintermex is also huge. We wandered throughout it, and checked out the convention center, and the “Stores”.  They were tourist offices, and b2b companies.  One of the places was selling industrial refrigerants!  We continued up to the top floor and seem to have walked in on a party for a drug company selling eye solutions of some sort.  Booth Babes!  No pics, the security guys probably wouldn’t have been too happy 🙂  That was fun, back out to the street, and time to take my first taxi in Monterrey…Whee!  The fare is really cheap!  What would have cost $15-$20 in Vancouver cost about $6 here!  No kidding.  And there’s great entertainment in the ride factor!

We had a late snack, in Valle Oriente, a new mall (if people weren’t speaking Spanish, you wouldn’t know you weren’t in any other large mall in North America).  They have already started displaying some Christmas decorations.  Yikes. After that, it was time to take my own cab back to the hotel.

Doreen had been saying “You’ve got to take the green taxis, since they are cheaper than the white ones.”  Sure.  Also, “You’ve got to take one with a meter so that you don’t get ripped off”.  So, at the roadside, she bundles me into the first green cab, and tells him to take me to my hotel.  I look, as we leave, and realise there is no meter, and we haven’t negotiated a price.  Well…this ought to be interesting.  It turns out that for a ride that was about 1/4 of the distance of the last ride, that I paid about 1/2 the price.  I probably got taken, but what the heck, I look at it as the price of an education 🙂

I got back home to talk to Irene, and send this blog, only to find out no access any more…As mentioned at the beginning, “We’ll have to do something about that” 🙂

It was nice talking to Irene.  I miss her.  I look forward to being back home, and not having to count on the goodness of colleagues to drive me around all the time.

More later!

Later – Pictures now available



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