Life in Monterrey – Good food, beautiful scenery and good people.

20 09 2004

For lunch today, I had little corn pitas stuffed with beef, egg, pork and frijoles.  It was genuine “Mexican food”.  Quite tasty and inexpensive.  Lunch was something like $3CDN  Good food at a good price!

After work, we went out to “La Estanzuela” natural park to see the birds, and the natural beauty, the little lizards etc.  It looked like it was going to be quite nice.  Unfortunately it was closed…who’d-a-thunk-it?  Closed on Mondays..hmmmph.  So, we decided to go in and check out the complex being built next to the park.  Homes for $950KUSD!!  The complex held 11 homes, they had marble or hardwood floors, solid wood doors, and the kitchen was equipped with beautiful stainless steel appliances, and the ceilings were high.  It had parking for 5 vehicles below each home, and there was also quarters for the “staff”  LOL!  Quite the little gated community. They wouldn’t let us take any pictures, otherwise I’d post some.  Wierd…no pics. 

Tonight we went to the home where Doreen was staying for dinner.  The lady, Alma, cooked a wonderful catfish dinner with wild rice.  Delicioso!  I also tried a little chilli which was about the size of a pea, or smaller.  I had been warned that it was spicy, so shaved a tiny piece off to try.  Sure ‘nough…Aye Carumba!  Muy Picoso!  Well, you gotta try the local goods some time 🙂 

The home was very nice, with high ceilings, and the classical stucco finish.  The grounds were quite large – I’d guess about 1/2 an acre.  They had various lime and lemon trees, and large agave cacti growing.  Like everyone else in Monterrey (it seems) they have 3 dogs.  The difference being that this is the first time that I’ve seen larger dogs, and they were quite healthy, unlike the many thin, and sometimes fairly mangy dogs I’ve seen around.  At 2100 a friend of Alma’s was heading in the direction of my hotel, so he gave me a lift…good thing – It had been pouring rain since about 1830…POURING.  Back at the hotel, I thought I’d hook up again, but the wireless connection was flaky tonight, so I’m putting this up today instead.  Back to work!  I’m on… a quick paste, and send while it’s still up.

Later – Pictures now available



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