I visited La Huasteca today

19 09 2004

Today, after finishing work, I went with Doreen for Dinner at Los Generales.  Buffet Mexican food.  I had goat, cactus, and some weird root, that tasted like a bland pear, but crunchier.  Then it was off to Downtown Monterrey, or so we thought.  Traffic patterns, like in any city when the tourists might actually come by, were screwed up by construction, so what do you know, we managed to blow by downtown in this city of 7 million, and ended up at La Huasteca Ecological Park, which according to Yahoo costs 7USD to enter.  Maybe because it was Sunday evening, it was free…I dunno, but we went in, and it was beautiful.  Towering mountains that come straight down from hundreds of feet above, and there was this big field with people playing soccer, riding horses, and hanging out.  Just a bit further seemed to be the place to park your pickup with your buddies in the back and crack open a cold Tecate.  Hmm… strange.   The contrast between the natural beauty and power, and the crowds hanging out in the shadows was striking.  It was getting a bit late, so we decided to head out.  At the gate, we asked the police officer how to get downtown, and he was quite helpful, and then proceeded to ask if we could spare some pesos for a friend.   Seems that if someone helps you out, you should pass a few pesos his way…we did. 

After leaving La Huasteca, it started to rain – HARD.  So, here we were trying to follow the directions, stay out of lakes, not get killed by people drifting over lanes, or randomly changing lanes, and looking for downtown.  Missed it again.  Man – how small can downtown be?  It’s a State Capital after all!  Well, we made it, and walked briefly around the Parliment Buildings,(link to google images) where they had a band.  It’s Monterrey’s 408th birthday this year.  Week long party.  cool.  We could only stay out briefly, since the downpour had started again, and even though it was still over 25C it was VERY wet, so we decided to beat a retreat back to the car.  Finally, 2200 I got back to the hotel.  Time for some sleep and another fun day tomorrow.

Later – Pictures now available




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