So, last night was it for Hockey for ONE FULL YEAR!!! :(

15 09 2004

Urrgh.  With the CBA running out at midnight EST, it looks bad for NHL hockey. It’s going to be a long wet  boring winter out here on the wet coast.  So who’s to blame?  Greedy owners? Greedy players?  Who’s the loser?  The fan.  Why do people have to get paid 7 figure salaries to push around a puck, when Search and Rescue guys either VOLUNTEER or get about a NORMAL salary if they are professionals.  Which job is more important to the world?  Why can’t we set our priorities.

Back to the hockey thread – at least we had the World Cup win last night. 3-2 over the Finns!  Yeah Canada!

I guess it’s time to brush up on my Junior Hockey here in town – The Vancouver Giants it’ll certainly be cheaper than going to a Canucks game.

Update: 2004-01-06 Looks like no NHL this year at all.  Losers.




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