RSS needs a "login" capability of sorts

15 09 2004

It would be nice to publish a “secure” RSS feed.  i.e. you get the feed that you’re allowed to have by logging in, using some sort of credentials.  This way companies could feed clients’ data to them using RSS.  Does this exist, and I don’t know it?  Can it/Will it?  Any ideas?  It would be nice if this could happen for things like MSN groups, where you’d have to be a member of the private group to be able to get a summary RSS feed.  Things like that would be GREAT!

Just Plain Whacked

15 09 2004

As seen on Scripting News:

A picture named spidey.gifA picture named spidey.gifA picture named spidey.gif

Just plain wacked!

So, last night was it for Hockey for ONE FULL YEAR!!! :(

15 09 2004

Urrgh.  With the CBA running out at midnight EST, it looks bad for NHL hockey. It’s going to be a long wet  boring winter out here on the wet coast.  So who’s to blame?  Greedy owners? Greedy players?  Who’s the loser?  The fan.  Why do people have to get paid 7 figure salaries to push around a puck, when Search and Rescue guys either VOLUNTEER or get about a NORMAL salary if they are professionals.  Which job is more important to the world?  Why can’t we set our priorities.

Back to the hockey thread – at least we had the World Cup win last night. 3-2 over the Finns!  Yeah Canada!

I guess it’s time to brush up on my Junior Hockey here in town – The Vancouver Giants it’ll certainly be cheaper than going to a Canucks game.

Update: 2004-01-06 Looks like no NHL this year at all.  Losers.

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