We finally got to sleep in our own bed again last night – sort of.

9 09 2004

Back on Saturday night, we moved everything we could move, from the master bedroom, and our two offices into somewhere ELSE in the house.  Then, on Sunday – in came the installers…ripping carpet, old laminate hardwood, and everything else..then came the wood.  Beautiful wood, but lots of it.  About 40 boxes of wood.  Heavy wood.  (Did I mention we live in a 3 floor home…lots of humping that wood up the stairs), then came the installing.  After Sunday, most of the master bedroom was done, so we could move the items from the offices, that couldn’t be moved before, into the master bedroom, so that they could keep working on the hall, and the two offices.  Monday passed, and they finished more of the offices, but not quite done…then Tuesday – ALMOST finished, including a very nice finish on the stairs (I’m going to die on these stairs – I’m sure of it).  Still can’t move anything, since the baseboards still needed to be applied.

Finally, I get home on Wednesday, and it’s time to move everything back.  This time, we’re taking a bit of time to throw out the old books of “Photoshop 3 tips” etc.  Hopefully we’ll have less clutter in the deal too.  So, the first thing that goes back up is my computer.  Ah, the hum of the fans again.  Like music to my ears.  Good ole Shaw, still kept my IP address for me… Long DHCP leases 🙂   After the computer, came the book shelves, and finally there was enough room in the bedroom for the bed. So, last night, we finally slept on the bed again, and no longer need to sleep on the living rooom couches.  (The unanticipated side benefit to the couches was that you got to go to sleep watching the BIG TV, with big sound). 

I imagine it will take another week before my house is fully back to normal, but hey…we have nice Brazillian Cherry floors upstairs now 🙂




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