Wrong Guy for the Job?

8 09 2004

Monroe County Coroner accidently shoots self in leg – while doing a gun safety demonstration.  Doh!

Perhaps he was trying to drum up some business for the office?

Well, it sounded like a good idea to someone I guess

8 09 2004

NASA planned to have a probe that’s been whipping around the solar system, drop a disc, travelling 25000kph, have it deploy a parachute in the upper atmosphere, and have 2 helicopters pluck it from the sky. What could go wrong?  Duh! 

So….No chute…disc goes thud.  Mission terminated.

Hmmmm…..Time for plan B

Atari is bringing back the classics!

8 09 2004

Yes, for a mere $45USD you can have all the original Atari classics like asteroids:

“It’s a time machine. You go back to your childhood and you play,” Atari chief executive Bruno Bonnell said.

Pong!  All the good stuff, all we need now is some rotary paddles to go with it 🙂

Thanks to engadget for the link.

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