The new Scouting Year starts again today

7 09 2004

Well, another Scouting year starts today for the 40th Marpole Scouts.

We don’t have a web page, so I can’t direct you to it, but if you head over to my page ( ) you’ll find some pics from some of our outings.  We’re in Vancouver BC, so it rains on alot of our outings, but we’ve grown webbed feet to deal with that.  I’m the โ€œAkelaโ€ for our cub pack.  It’ll be a bit tougher this year, since our most organised leader (Raksha) has headed off to Lake Louise (Greetz to Sarah!)  Now, there are just two of us to deal with the 24 or so kids ranging from 8 to 10 years old.  It should be interesting. Hopefully we can get some parents involved.  

Generally we haven’t had parents as leaders, they tend to stay only as long as their kids are in the program and then leave without a thought. This leaves us scrambling to make up for the missing positions, come the next year.  I’ve been doing the leadership thing now for 13 years, and every year is a new and fun challenge.  (sure there are times you wish you could strangle someone, but not often)  If you were a Scout or a Cub when you were a kid, and liked it, think of the fact that you could help someone ELSE have fun too.  There are many different groups out there…some more focused on outdoor activities than others.  Find the one that’s best for you, and volunteer – they don’t even charge you to have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are a parent and are bringing a child into scouting…get involved – Start by knowing what your child is doing, and help them learn.  Care about their time at Cubs/Scouts/Beavers.  After that, consider helping with badge assessment.  Don’t worry, you’ll learn what you need to know…you’re not going to fail ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember – Scouting builds the leaders of tomorrow.  If you want to help build that future, here is the place…don’t wait until you have no decent choices to vote for…help them become someone that you would want leading your world, because they will be.  Also – have fun…life sucks without some fun.




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