Serverside.Net has an article summarising the top 10 new things coming out in ASP.NET 2.0

30 08 2004

Some things seem like no-brainers, others quite nice additions.

Jon Flanders has done a nice summary of the top 10 things (in his opinion) that ASP.NET 2.0 will be bringing to the table.

Finally – Master pages, WITHOUT having to code to it!

And one that always confused me…. Why couldn’t I ever update my config file programatically, without writing raw XML.  No more:

9) Programmable Configuration.

This is really a .NET runtime improvement, but it is still a big win for ASP.NET. The web.config file contains all the configuration information for an ASP.NET application. In ASP.NET 1.0, in order to change something (like a database connection string in the AppSettings element) you have to open the web.config file in the text editor of your choice.

With the new version, you can go into the configuration programmatically (without having to resort to manipulating the XML directly) and change the settings of your ASP.NET applications. This makes building things like installers, administration modules, and pages much easier.

Thanks Jon and ServerSide.Net for the excellent summary.



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