Google has a Gmail Notifier App!

20 08 2004

Google has released a beta GMail notifier application, and can map it so that outgoing mail goes via your gmail account as well.  Sweet.  No more back and forth checks at the gmail page to see if you have mail all the time now!  I hope this doesn’t keep my system from screen saving, like the 3rd party one that I tried before.

Coool….I just got a gmail, and it makes the “new mail sound“ and gives a little XPish pop up.  Slick!

The Athens Olympic committee apparently doesn’t like being linked.

20 08 2004

Just like the folks at eWeek a while back, the Athens Olympic Games people, are a bit anal retentive regarding having links to their site.  Check out their policy here (oops I did it – and didn’t write a letter first)  So they want me to get permission to send you to a link about Judo (oops – there I go again!) or some of the cool shots they got during the competition. (and yet again!!)  Crazy… harumph.

Thanks to Basileios for the info.

Are YOU violating the policy?

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