Olympics RSS feeds

11 08 2004

Interestingly, there’s a site called designerz.com that appears to have RSS feeds for all the olympics sports at:


but they all return 404 now.  Perhps they’ll come live when the games start?

Do you know of any other RSS (or atom) feeds for Olympic 2004 results?  It would be nice to get scores of non medal competition as they come for particular sports.

Looking forward to finding those feeds.

[Update] Turns out one of the best Olympic Blogs, with a feed as well is from Australia.

http://www.livingroom.org.au/olympics/  with their syndicated feed at: http://www.livingroom.org.au/olympics/index.rdf  Unfortunately, it’s ATOM, not RSS, but it works in Sharpreader.

This is a GREAT site, with a TONNE of updates, all day.

If only they could get rid of the pop-ups.  Thank God for news Aggreators.

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