Back from Camp and getting ready for the next!

17 07 2004

We got back from Camp Byng yesterday, and it was sad to see the campers leave.  They had formed some good friendships, and I hope they continue to stay in touch.  It was an interesting camp, filled with excitement, campfires, fun, and some challenges.  The weather was PERFECT!  We were even treated to a thunderstorm for 10 minutes on the first night.  Very cool…but very LOUD too.  This year, camp is a “survivor” theme, and the campers learned various skills while competing in tribes.  They orienteered, they kayaked, and tried their hand at archery, in their attempt to get their team on the wall of fame.   It was fun…tiring, but fun.  NorthPointe Camps are always fun.

Now, I have 2 days to get ready to head out to Cape Scott.  A seven day trip, which will take us to the most Northwesterly tip of Vancouver Island.  Wind swept sandy beaches, and a lightstation where the keeper sells chocolate bars and pop.  I’m bringing my twoonies along!  Gotta go pack.  Lots of prep left before Monday’s departure.

See you on the trail!



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