Microsoft Internet Explorer Engineers on the Hot Seat

9 07 2004


Here’s a blog that would be interesting to follow – the IE dev team. Anyone know if they have one?

[ best I can find is a wiki – not quite the same 😦 ]

Last night the Internet Explorer dev team faced about 100 people who wanted to know just what exactly is going on with IE, and why it has more holes than Swiss cheese these days. 

They fielded some tough questions.  From the summary: 

Asked by one questioner why he should waste his time supporting IE when other browsers don’t require as much “upkeep,” IE Product Unit Manager Dean Hachamovitch explained that IE remains a target.

“IE is a super powerful Web browser that hundreds of millions of people choose to use,” Hachamovitch replied. “As long as they’re using it, MS is going to keep making it better. As long as that many people use it, there will be bad people who try to take it down.”

Thanks to Slashdot for the link

[later update]  I found an OPML with all the IE blog RSS Feeds:

The only problem is that #Reader (Sharpreader) won’t accept the URL for the location of an OPML for import 😦  Luke?

By the’s the link about MS’s use of blogs/RSS/OPML.




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