Fishing on the Fraser – Canada Day, July 1, 2004

4 07 2004

With my busy schedule these last days, I forgot to blog about my Canada Day fishing on the Fraser with Mrs. DragonSpeed and my buddy Tim.

We left home at 0730 and ran smack into the caravan of traffic leaving the city on Highway 1.  Holy crap – there were times that I think I could have got out and pushed to go faster.  Well, we stopped at the Watcom Rd. Tim H’s and ordered 40 timbits, 3 sandwiches, and 3 coffees.  The lady kindly pointed out that if we ordered three donuts, the whole thing would actually be cheaper – ah the logic.  So, we ordered our 3 donuts, got our sandwiches and coffee, and continued out to the river.  About 30 minutes later we arrived at “Laidlaw Bar” and we got all our gear ready.  Chairs, pop, barley pop, donuts, sandwiches, fishing rods, tackle, etc. As we were doing this, my buddy Tony comes out from the bar.  It’s like shift change. 🙂  He got there at 0400 and was leaving at 0930, unfortunately with no fish. Our turn.  Wade across the side channel.  Not bad.  Up to my crotch.  Of course, I looked back, and that meant that it was up to Mrs D’s belly button.  She had visions of floating down the Fraser. No fear, she’s still with us.  Tim, not being an overly tall guy had the water up pretty high on him too, but he kept everything dry!

Upon arrival at the bar, there were about 20 people below us.  We decided to stay at the upper end of the bar, since Mrs D. was new to this kind of fishing(bottomo bouncing flossing), and we didn’t want to tangle up with every one else.  We found out why everyone else was down below. It was VERY snaggy up where we were, and we lost quite a bit of gear, until we moved down a bit.  It still was snaggy, but not as much.   I was using new “Tuff Line XP” 50lb strength, and it seemed to abrade pretty quickly, which resulted in more bettys lost than on any of my previous outings.  I’m going to have to do something to minimize this, or this summer will be pretty pricey!  We had no action for quite some time.  And at about 1300 decided to stop and have lunch.  At this point, Tim asked “Where are the timbits?”  After some reflection we all decided that we had never picked them up after paying for them – DOH!  Oh well, lesson learned.  After lunch, I had something on for about 2 head shakes, but then it was gone.  Other than that, nothing for us.  A gentleman above us had a 6-7lb fish almost to the beach but it spit his hook, and left him looking.  I think it was a sockeye anyway.  I heard him telling his female fishing partner that it was DEFINITELY a spring.  Sure.

At 1430 we wrapped it up, and headed home in very light traffic.  something about 5 hours in the sun and wind just makes you SO tired.  We had to stop and get a slurpee to keep from falling asleep.  When we got home, it was a quick rinse for everything, me included, and then crash until dinner.  Of course, I get back, and read the FWR forum, and find out that half the guys below us were from this forum, and would have welcomed us.  Doh!  Just goes to show you never know what’s out there. 

All in all a good Canada Day.  No fish, but good friends, and nice weather!  I don’t know when I’ll get on the river next, but I can’t wait!




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