PCWorld Has an Article on PC "Myths"

29 06 2004

PCWorld is running a 5 page article on “busting PC Myths”  It’s interesting.  I certainly can’t say that I agree with all their statements.  Some comments are out in left field:

If you don’t periodically run your laptop batteries down to zero, you’ll lose battery life.

This belief stems from a syndrome that plagued old-fashioned laptop batteries–the bulky nickel cadmium variety. With those batteries, performance degraded if the battery wasn’t periodically discharged fully. (If you use a NiCd-powered laptop, discharge the battery every three months.)

Newer laptops use lithium ion batteries that have no memory, says Isidor Buchmann, the founder of Cadex, a Canadian manufacturer of battery chargers and analyzers. They don’t need to be discharged to maintain their life, he says. Lithium ion batteries prefer a partial rather than a full discharge. Nonetheless, every 30 charges or so, you should run them down to zero. This measure isn’t to preserve the battery but to recalibrate the fuel gauge–the indicator on the laptop screen that shows how much battery juice and time remain.

Well, if it ISN’T true, perhaps they can explain why we have laptop batteries that are dead after only one year of being mostly used as plugged in devices? 

I’m not even going to touch the “pulling the plug doesn’t hurt your PC” comment.  Yikes!

I’ll leave the others to you you to decide.  Your thoughts?

Thanks to Endgadget for the link




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