I took the St. John Ambulance First Aid Course This Weekend

28 06 2004

Well, I’m just plain exhausted!  We had a 3 day St. John AmbulanceStandard First Aid with Wilderness” course this past weekend and it was “Go Go Go!”  Friday night we went from 5:30 to 10:15 doing CPR for adults, children and infants.  My arms were sore from the chest thumping…what a work out! I hope I NEVER have to give CPR – it’s brutal work.

Saturday and Sunday were outdoor learning – Hot and sunny, with bugs, and all the goodies while we worked to remember all the basics of scene management, primary surveys, secondary surveys, immobilizing, comforting, transporting.  Our instructors were firemen with the Vancouver Fire Department, and had great first hand knowledge of the kinds of things that happen out there.  

On Sunday, we had “live” scenario testing – our patients were done up with makeup and some nasty injuries.   I, at one point was made up to have a deep gash in my forehead with blood oozing from it.  Quite realistic, and it achieved its purpose – it threw off the train of thought for my rescuers.  Shook them up a bit.  Good.

This time taking the course is my 2nd.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to take it twice.  (St. John apparently suggests that you take it every 3 years)  This time I attended with 6 of our scouts, and other scout leaders.  It was good working with people I knew.  There wasn’t the uncomfortable aspect of working at close contact with strangers.  It was also good to see our scouts learn, and take charge.  We really ARE building the leaders of tomorrow.

Now it’s back to work!




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