It’s Time for a New Roof

23 06 2004

They’ve been reroofing our townhome complex for the last couple of weeks.  It’s been not too bad, other than a dumpster on the road, and having to watch for old roofing nails everywhere.

Today, they started on our part of the complex at about 0630.  Oy Vey!  It sounded like an army was doing drill on my roof!  I got up to go shower, and realised that with the skylight in the bathroom, it’s probably a good thing Mrs. DragonSpeed is away for the week.  I was tempted to lean out my window and say good morning to guys 30ft in the air, just outside my bathroom 🙂

When I went down to feed my cats, I thought I’d lost one again.  No, Taffy was just hiding, as the sound of raining cedar shakes was a bit much for him.  Arggh.  With the work being done on or building, I’ve been relegated to parking out on the street, and all my hanging pictures and clocks had to come down, AND I have to close all my windows. 

I don’t know if you saw the temperature or not in one of my past posts, but now I have a handy way of cooking all my food, without using the Barbeque or the oven.  I can just leave it sit on the counter, it should easily reach oven temperatures with all the windows closed 😦

Well – it’s for the better, or so I’m told.  We’ll see when it’s all done. 




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