Blank Screen of GMail – Fixed

17 06 2004

I finally beat the damned thing!!!!

I ran SpyBot Search and Destroy

I ran AdAware

I ran Hijack This

They all removed a bit of something. The nice thing about HiJack this, was that I could remove all the helper links for ActiveX stuff. Don’t know which one did it, but it works! Yeah!

Plus, I’ve put in some “Immunizer” from Spybot S&D, which stops some of the annoying popup ads, as well as surreptitious ActiveX stuff.

Considering the ONLY solution which I had seen on the ‘Net said “it’s caused by slow line”  I can safely say that it’s NOT.  Yeah – back to using IE.  Firefox was cool though, and I don’t think I’ll be deleting it.  It’s got a nice “feel” to it.

Good Luck to you other Blank Screen of GMail people out there!

Please let me know if this fixed your blank screen problem, or what your problem was.  Let’s build up a library of fixes for people that end up encountering this as well!




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4 01 2008
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