Targetting the Female Angler

6 06 2004

Why don’t fishing shops cater to the smaller or the female angler? I’ve tried to find stuff for Mrs DragonSpeed, and been stumped a couple of times. Seems like all clothing comes in L->XXXXXL 😦 She’s an “S” Most recently I was looking at neoprene gloves (Rhino) at a store, and all they had were L-> in the “fingered” version and M-> in the fingerless version. No gloves for her == no gloves for me. 😦 Before that it was shirts. We ended up special ordering them in via West Coast Tackle (thanks Bonnie and Brian) but it’s a bit of a PITA. I realise it isn’t a HUGE market, but it’s just going to STAY small if retailers don’t realise that a lot of the spending money is held by the XX chromosonal ones these days. Plus it’s much easier to justify a purchase for yourself, if you’re getting the same thing for your wife.



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