15 Years Ago Today – Tiananmen Square

5 06 2004

It seems so long ago, and still only yesterday, that we saw the picture of the student stopping the tanks, (Quicktime .mov via CNN) the large peaceful rallies, and of course the deaths on June 3/4, 1989 at Tiananmen Square.  Roger Waters, in his album Amused to Death has a good song – Watching TV about this, and how it all seemed so odd – live on TV, while we sat in our living rooms, half a world away.

Are some western governments really that different?  The Bush Administration is jailing people indefinitely with no access to lawyers or any formal charges.  Speak wrongly about the President and find the Secret Service knocking at your door, or find yourself fired.  Sure they’re not killing their own citizens…Yet.

We, as a world have got to work things out.  We’re spiralling into a very murky place 😦





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